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As Alabama Dog, Aaron and Carlin recorded the podcast, they would rate the movies they watched. But they didn’t use a system where they would try to give it a score. Instead, they figured Bond movies fall into one of three categories. It’s either in a “top tier,” a “middle tier” or a “bottom tier.” At the end of each show, the co-hosts would place the movie in the appropriate tier. They kept track and also kept track of whether or not the movie ended with a “Boat Makeout scene.”

Episode Movie Title Aaron Carlin Boat Makeout?
  001 GoldenEye Top Middle No
  002 Live and Let Die Bottom Bottom No
  003 Dr. No Top Top Yes
  004 The World Is Not Enough Bo- Middle Bottom No
  005 You Only Live Twice Middle Middle Yes
  006 The Living Daylights Middle Middle No
  007 Octopussy Bottom Bottom Yes
  008 Goldfinger Top Top No
  009 Licence to Kill Bottom Top No
0010 The Man with the Golden Gun Top Middle Yes
0011 Casino Royale (early versions)* Bottom* Middle* No*
0012 Quantum of Solace Bottom Top No
0013 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Bottom Top No
0014 007 Scene It?* Top* Top* No*
0015 From Russia with Love Middle Middle Yes
0016 Tomorrow Never Dies Middle  Middle Yes
0017 Moonraker Bottom Bottom  No
0018 Casino Royale (2006) Top Top  No
0019 Diamonds Are Forever Middle Middle No
0020 For Your Eyes Only Bottom Top Yes
0021 James Bond, Jr.* Bottom* Bottom* No*
0022 Thunderball Bottom Middle No
0022 Never Say Never Again Middle* Middle* No*
0023 Die Another Day Bottom Bottom No
0024 A View to a Kill Top Middle No
Bonus 007 Flash* Top* Top* No*
0025 The Spy Who Loved Me Middle Top Yes
0026 Skyfall Top Top No
0027 Spectre Top Top No
0028 Sheriff Pepisode* Top* Top* No*
0029 007: I Only Need One* Middle* Middle* No*
0030 Vargr comics* AUDIT* IN* PROGRESS*
0032 Eidolon comics* Middle* Middle* No*
0033 Coming Soon… * * *
TOTALS T-8, M-7, B-9     T-10, M-9,B-5     Y-8, N-16

*Not counted in totals