Episode 0025: The Spy Who Loved Me

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Nobody does it better than Pod, James Pod. Makes us feel sad for the rest of the James Bond-themed podcasts (like Bames Jonding). I mean, nobody does it half as good as us. Baby…we’re the best.

You weren’t looking, but somehow you found us. It tried to hide from your favorite podcast app. But like Heaven above you, the podcast who loves you is keeping all your Sheriff Pepper references safe tonight.

And nobody does it better, though sometimes we wish someone could (because it’s just so much pressure). Nobody podcasts quite the way we do. Why’d we have to be so good?

The way that we hold you, whenever we hold you. There’s some kind of magic inside us. It keeps you from running so we’ll just keep it coming (like dodgeballs being thrown from Carlin’s awesome dodgeball team). How’d we learn to do the things we do?

And nobody podcasts better. Again, it makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as us. Aaron, Bama Dog, Carlin, you’re the best!

Aaron, you’re the best.
Carlin, you’re the best.
Bama Dog, you’re the best.
Scott, you’re the best.
John, you’re the best.
Kevin, you’re the best.



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