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Episode 0033 – Die Spy Kill Kill
Episode 0033 – Die Spy Kill Kill
March 14, 2018
Carlin and Aaron talk about the short-lived Die Spy Kill Kill James Bond mash-up movie. Also, they encounter the fallout from their purchase of Sailor Sam Investments. Don't miss this mo...
Episode 0032 – Eidolon
Episode 0032 – Eidolon
February 23, 2018
You thought this would never happen. And it almost didn't. The Pod, James Pod Podcast returns to the podcastwaves after Carlin makes a huge sacrifice to reconnect to Aaron. And while you w...
Episode 0031 – xXx
Episode 0031 – xXx
June 21, 2017
As promised, Carlin and Aaron finally return to "poison the well" and talk about the Vin Diesel action film, xXx. But only after Aaron received a message he perceives as threatening and ...

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